Renewing Your Membership
This can be a bit of a challenge with the new Assemble Sports.
Firstly, if you haven’t done already, you need to create an login account,
by clicking on this link:
This will take you through a process which will require you to verify yourself by phone or email.
Now you can renew your membership by selecting one of the links below:
For Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, Under 21
For Open, 50+, 60+
For Family – you pick which best fits your family situation
For Life Member Club
For Life Member AA
Once you decide what membership you will be selecting, click on Register.
You will then be asked to pick the member to Renew Membership.
The member’s details will be displayed, scroll to bottom and click Next
You will next be asked if you want to perform another member’s renewal
If YES, repeat above steps to add another member, else select NO
The next page gives a Summary of Costs and also allows you to make the payment.
At this point, you can decide to not proceed, just click on Remove and Confirm
If all looks good, enter in your Credit Card details, then scroll to the bottom.
Click on Pay & Complete
After all the “lights, bells and whistles” have finished, you will receive an email.
You will also be returned to the front screen.

Printing Your Membership Card

Your Membership Card can be printed at any time, follow the below steps.
(This procedure is based on your using a desktop computer with Windows 10/11 installed on it, by following this procedure you may be able to work out what to do with Apple Mac)

If not already done, log into Assemble sports by the following link
Once you are in, select Dashboard at the top.
Your profile will appear, select View
Select Registration History
You will now see a list of all your registrations.
By scrolling the bottom bar to right and left, you will see an entry that says Membership
Check the Expiry Date to make sure you have the most recent entry
On the most recent membership line, you will see some Red Buttons to the right
The 3rd one (which has a v in it), click on it,and you will get 2 choices
Select Download as PNG, depending on your browser, it will show that you have downloaded it
This file will be a number with .png after it, and can be found in your windows download folder.
Open the file, and windows will display a picture of your membership card
At the top of the screen, you will find a Print button, click on it
Printer options will appear on the left, you will need to change 2 of the settings as follows
Change Photo Size to 2 x 3 in (Wallet) and change Fit to Shrink to fit
You should now see the card as a small picture in the centre of the screen
Finally click on Print and your card should be printed