Archery Scoring
There are two parts to managing the scoring in Archery
1. Archer’s Diary – where the scores are kept and can be reviewed by anyone
2. – a mobile phone app to record the scores (you must be registered with Archery Australia)
(Please speak with one of the regular members if you have any questions)

Archer’s Diary
Archer’s Diary is the official scoring and tournament management software of Archery Australia Inc. and has been created by an Archer for Archers. It is available free of charge to all Archery Australia affiliated Clubs to use with all AA registered members.
Have a look at to see more details.
Once you have the page up, go to Event Results and use the following settings to review the results of the Townsville Target Archers members shoots that they have participated in:
Country: Australia
RGB: North Queensland Archery Association
Organiser: Townsville Target Archers
Year: select the current or previous years
The web page will now list all the shoots that Townsville Target Archers have shot for the selected year.
Click on any one of the events and you will see the results of that event.
Try clicking on other tabs and look at what information is shown.

How to Register for an Event
(Note: this will only work if you are registered with Archery Australia)
Click on Event Registration
Set the following:
Country: Australia, RGB: North Queensland Archery Association, Club: Townsville Target Archers
If the Club Manager has set up the events, you will see an event listed. If not there, wait until later in the week and try again.
Click on the event. You will see what events are available.
Click into the Surname box and start entering it, as you type, an offer list will appear, just pick your name out and click on it.
On the left hand side, make sure it is you and all your details are correct.
On the right hand side, click on the checkbox for the shoot you want to do (Note: Click on the down arrow to select another type of shoot).
Once you are happy with it all, click on Add Archer and you will then be returned to the event list and see your name listed.
(Note: you must be a registered member of Archery Australia before you can use the app)
System Requirements
Any modern smart device should work with this application.
The application has been tested on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, Android devices including phone and tablets and Windows Phones and computers.
The supported OS and browsers are:
Windows: Windows Phone 8+, Internet Explorer and Chrome
iOS: iOS 7+, Safari browser
Android: Android OS 4+, Chrome browser
Getting Started
Open your preferred browser
Type in and run it
Once the page opens, use the menu system on your device to add the link to your “home Screen”
That’s it, close the app and reopen with your “home Screen” link
When it opens again, you have a number of choices:
Login to Event – this is where scores are recorded. Select the RGB and the club. Then enter your name. The password can be obtained from any senior member at the shoot.
(here is a link on scoring with the app – )
Event Registration – for official scorekeeper use only
View Scoresheet – used to review the latest scores